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One last back scratch: The National Conversation

It looks like I got one final taker for my offer to post about any blogger who posted about From Where I Sit: James T. Harris at The National Conversation.

James T. is best known nationally for asking John McCain to “take it to Barack Obama” during the election.

But I know James as a funny, cialis canada nurse caring, cialis sales pilule and charismatic man who is a pleasure to talk with and a privilege to call friend.

As a radio talk show host on WTMJ and a regular on national television, sales James doesn’t need my link to his blog, but I’m happy to give him one anyway.

1 comment January 7th, 2009

Scratched my back: Letters in Bottles

It’s a real pleasure to be able to point all you folks to Letters in Bottles.

Letters is a group blog started by a few students at the University of Wisconsin, cialis canada ailment Madison a few years ago.

Since then, the authors have moved on to new adventures and taken us with them.

As they say on their site:

Today we feature: A Peace Corps. volunteer returned from Azerbaijan, a law student in New Orleans, a student of Engineering in Madison, and a veteran of the Iraq War currently on active duty.

This is a seriously great blog. One I read every day, and among the handful that I get excited about when I see they’ve made a new post.

I wish I had been 1/2 as insightful, sophisticated, and serious as these guys are when I was their age.

Hell, I wish I was now.

Add comment December 10th, 2008

Scratched my back: Gravelle’s Daily Scoff

Gravelle’s Daily Scoff is a news-based humor blog.

It’s almost like having The Onion right here in Wisconsin. (OK, discount cialis clinic The Onion is from Wisconsin, but they moved to New York City with the other media elite and now we don’t talk about them.)

J. Gravelle, the conservative author of Gravelle’s Daily Scoff is distinguised from your run-of-the-mill bloggers in Wisconsin by two things:

  1. He’s very funny.
  2. He’s one of this year’s community columnists for the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

If sarcastic humor is your thing (and it just might be considering you’re reading From Where I Sit), you should definitely check out J’s writing.

Don’t miss your daily dose of the Daily Scoff. Add J to your RSS-reader or blogroll, today.

1 comment December 8th, 2008

Scratched my back – did I miss anyone?

I believe this is everyone who responded to my offer to post about anyone who posted about me on their blogs.

If I’ve missed anyone, cialis sales pills please add a comment to this thread and I’ll give you the exposure you so richly deserve. And to all of you who didn’t join our merry experiment, sildenafil I guess you’ll just have to expose yourself. ;)

  1. Blogging Blue
  2. According to Coop
  3. The World According to Nick
  4. The Chad has spoken!
  5. A Little Off Main
  6. Fuzz Martin
  7. Musings of a Thoughtful Conservative
  8. Wallah! AND Cognitive Dissidence
  9. Righty Blog
  10. Homemaker’s Guide to the Galaxy
  11. The Dave Casper Experience
  12. Rustmeister’s Alehouse
  13. Prozak Playground
  14. WISSUP
  15. Real Debate Wisconsin
  16. Badger Blogger
  17. Prosqtor’s Progress
  18. Boots & Sabers
  19. Stepping Right Up!
  20. Lost in Wisconsin
  21. The Happy Circumstance
  22. The Other Side of My Mouth
  23. Boots & Kittens
  24. Try 2 Focus
  25. I Think Too Much
  26. Folkbum’s Rambles & Rants
  27. Subject to Change
  28. View from the cheap seats…
  29. Jiblog
  30. Fairly Conservative
  31. Badger Blog Alliance
  32. Josh Schroeder

Thank you all for participating!

5 comments December 2nd, 2008

Scratched my back: Josh Schroeder

Josh Schroeder is an enormously talented young man who moved from Milwaukee to St. Louis a while back.

His blog is politically-focused and policy informed.

He’s also highly creative.

Several videos he’s made have been featured on blogs all across the internet, discount viagra drugstore including this one:

Personally, generic cialis viagra I think some political consulting firm or politically-oriented ad agency should put him on the payroll. Maybe, Governor Palin will be hiring in a few years. ;)

1 comment December 2nd, 2008

Scratched my back: Badger Blog Alliance

I mentioned the Badger Blog Alliance in an earlier post about Jiblog, cialis usa buy viagra but this unique collaborative blog deserves a post of its own.

Seventeen different conservative bloggers have posting rights on the Badger Blog Alliance, there but the vast majority of the content usually comes from one of my favorite Wisconsin bloggers: Lance Burri.

Lance can be seriously funny and deadly serious (often at the exact same time).

Lance’s posts at the Badger Blog Alliance are often about as short as the majority of my work, but he tends to expound at greater length on his own blog.

You really should get to know Mr. Burri. When it comes to jousting with the forces of darkness, there’s no one better equipped (or more appropriately named) than Lance.

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Scratched my back: Fairly Conservative

Cindy Kilkenny of the Wisconsin-based blog Fairly Conservative first achieved national recognition during the 2008 Presidential election when she interviewed Anne Kilkenny, viagra canada cialis the woman who criticized Alaska Governor Sarah Palin in a famous email.

She received thousands of visits from all across the world and achieved a new notoriety locally and nationally.

On her “about” page, prostate Cindy describes herself as a “mom, levitra housewife, local and overall political junkie.”

What she leaves out is that she’s also a “smart, insightful, and interesting writer.”

There aren’t enough good good conservative female bloggers in the Cheddarsphere, so give Cindy a fair shake and visit Fairly Conservative, today.

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Scratched my back: Subject to Change

Aaron, viagra generic drugstore the writer behind Subject to Change, illness has always been one of my favorite Conservative Wisconsin bloggers.

Aaron is an enormously amusing writer, viagra a great father, and fun to be around in the real world.

He first became famous among Wisconsin bloggers when he managed to wheedle his way onto local radio personality Charlie Sykes’ blogroll.

Of course, Charlie no longer has a blogroll.

(I’m not saying Aaron was responsible for that…but draw your own conclusions.)

Aaron was also the first Wisconsin blogger to do a regular podcast earning himself the appellation: the Pod Father.

He’s sort of let the podcast fade away, but I’m hoping that by mentioning it in this “scratch back,” he’ll be shamed into restarting it.

If he does, I will have performed a service for all of blogkind and I will gladly accept a beer from each of you in repayment.

1 comment November 30th, 2008

Scratched my back: Folkbum’s Rambles & Rants

Folkbum’s Rambles & Rants is the gold standard in liberal blogging in Wisconsin.

This blog is not only one of the first left-leaning blogs in the Cheddarsphere, discount viagra nurse it’s one of the best.

Founded by Milwaukee high school teacher, generic viagra Jay Bullock, Folkbum has become home to a number of good bloggers.

Jay, himself, is well-known for touring the Cheddarsphere correcting any errors his fellow bloggers may make (a not too-surprising avocation for a school teacher).

If intelligent, passionately-argued liberalism is your cup of tea, it’s always tea time at Folkbum’s Rambles & Rants.

4 comments November 29th, 2008

Scratched my back: I Think Too Much

I Think Too Much.

Well, viagra usa viagra as you all know, I don’t think too much.

I Think Too Much
is the name of the blog written by the next person who was foolish enough to itch my scratch or scratch my back or something.

I Think Too Much is written by an absolutely fascinating man named Jim Zierke in Sussex, Wisconsin.

Jim is a conservative Christian who has somehow managed not to burst into flames the instant he reads anything I write.

I can’t say anything more interesting about Jim than what he’s already said for himself on his home page:

I’m a middle-aged guy, a retired firefighter, and an independent contractor in the insurance industry. I’m also a track chaplain at Slinger Speedway and a Disaster Relief Chaplain for Southern Baptist Disaster Relief. When I have a spare week or two I head to Kentucky and volunteer with the Christian Appalachian Project. I’m married and have one adult daughter.

I’m going to think of that description next time I think I’m too busy to blog.

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