Scratched my back: I Think Too Much

I Think Too Much.

Well, viagra usa viagra as you all know, I don’t think too much.

I Think Too Much
is the name of the blog written by the next person who was foolish enough to itch my scratch or scratch my back or something.

I Think Too Much is written by an absolutely fascinating man named Jim Zierke in Sussex, Wisconsin.

Jim is a conservative Christian who has somehow managed not to burst into flames the instant he reads anything I write.

I can’t say anything more interesting about Jim than what he’s already said for himself on his home page:

I’m a middle-aged guy, a retired firefighter, and an independent contractor in the insurance industry. I’m also a track chaplain at Slinger Speedway and a Disaster Relief Chaplain for Southern Baptist Disaster Relief. When I have a spare week or two I head to Kentucky and volunteer with the Christian Appalachian Project. I’m married and have one adult daughter.

I’m going to think of that description next time I think I’m too busy to blog.

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