Scratched my back: Whallah! AND Cognitive Dissidence

The Wisconsin writer called “Capper” may just be the busiest man in blog business.

He maintains two sites of his own Whallah! and Cognitive Dissidence.

In his copious free time, viagra generic buy viagra he also contributes to the very popular Wisconsin left-wing blog Folkbum’s Rants & Rambles.

I like Capper a great deal, cialis sale doctor although I’m virtually alone among the right-of-center bloggers in Wisconsin in that regard.

For some reason, Capper has very antagonistic relationships with many of Wisconsin’s conservative bloggers.

Personally, I find him to be funny and friendly.

In fact, he’s one of the guys who always confuses me (a lot like Barack Obama does) because I just can’t understand how someone can be so smart and yet STILL disagree with me on politics.

Weird. I know.

As an aside, Capper apparently thinks he should be my nemesis, but as Dr. Horrible tells Johnny Snow, “you’re not my nemesis. My nemesis is Captain Hammer. Captain Hammer…corporate tool!”

But Capper, your are more than welcome to keep being the foil that calls me out when I’m being the fool.

9 comments November 21st, 2008


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