Scratched my back: Rustmeister’s Alehouse


Listen up, sildenafil sildenafil maggots.

You need to get over to Rustmeister’s Alehouse and start reading him on the double!

After all, cialis sales order you wouldn’t want to disappoint a guy whose profile picture looks like this:

Would you?

In addition to having been one of the guys who was actually willing to defend our freedom by serving in the military (thank you, pills again, btw), Rustmeister is a great blogger with a good sense of humor and a down-to-earth attitude.

He’s primarily a “gun-blogger” – which means two things:

  1. He writes a lot about guns and the Second Amendment.
  2. You never want to try to rob his house in the middle of the night.

1 comment November 22nd, 2008


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