Scratched my back: Homemaker’s Guide to the Galaxy

Homemaker’s Guide to the Galaxy is another great blog I wasn’t aware of until I issued my challenge.

(Hmmm. “Issued my challenge.” Sounds vaguely biblical: And in the heat of his passion with his wife of many years, best viagra salve Izikael issued his challenge upon her. Is that blasphemous? I hope not, viagra generic but I can never tell.)

Anyway, I’ve now added Homemaker’s to my daily reading for a couple of reasons:

  1. The blog’s title is a reference to one of the nuttiest books ever written. So, you’ve got to love that.
  2. The blogger calls herself: MommaBlogger.
  3. And the place is filled with pictures of delicious food.

In fact, reading her blog gave me the munchies, so I’m going to go grab some lunch. ;)

1 comment November 22nd, 2008


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