You call that a reason to cancel school?

Yesterday’s weather-related canceling of Milwaukee Public Schools made me think about what it was like growing up in Buffalo, discount cialis search N.Y.

They NEVER cancel school in Buffalo.

Well, viagra usa cialis sale maybe not never.

One year, healing when I was in junior high school, it was snowing so badly we were barely able to find our way to the bus stop.

But school wasn’t canceled.

The bus arrived 45 minutes later than normal.

But school wasn’t canceled.

The 20-minute trip to the school took 90 minutes.

But school wasn’t canceled.

When we finally arrived at the school, the parking lot was completely empty except for the parka-wearing principal waving at the bus.

When the bus driver opened the door, the principal said, “we have to cancel school…none of the teachers could make it in.”

And that’s pretty much the only reason they ever cancel school in Buffalo, N.Y.

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