WUWM finally took sides, but they took the wrong side.

I just heard a “spot” on WUWM recruiting for a new on-air reporter.

At the end of the spot, viagra buy cheap the announcer said, cialis sales doctor “UWM and WUWM are affirmative action employers.”

No big surprise.

But a BIG improvement over what they use to say which was, “UWM and WUWM are equal opportunity and affirmative action employers.”

Now, I’m not claiming that my little rant about how you can’t be for both equal opportunity AND affirmative action had any impact on their policy.

But I can dream, can’t I?

(As an aside, I would have preferred that they kept the “equal opportunity” and dropped the “affirmative action.”

Can you imagine a radio station saying they were an affirmative action employer, if “affirmative action” was code for “we’re going to give a preference to a white guy” instead of being a euphemism for “we’re going to give a preference to anyone BUT a white guy?”)

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