Wow, isn’t this pretty much the last thing you want to encourage people to do?

Barack Obama is proposing to:

allow savers with tax-favored Individual Retirement Accounts and 401(k)’s to withdraw 15 percent of those retirement savings, discount viagra for sale up to a maximum of $10, generic 000, without paying a tax penalty as the law currently requires for withdrawals before age 59 and a half;

Isn’t taking money out of our 401ks at this moment in time literally the worst thing we could do?

That money is invested in stocks.

Getting your money means selling the stocks.

More stock for sale on the market means lower prices.

Which means that the market crashes again.

Plus, selling your stock today guarantees that you bought high and sold low. Always a horrible idea.

This is the time to buy, not sell.

Seriously…who the hell thought this was a good idea?

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