Worker A and Worker B

Worker A is highly-motivated and brilliant. Worker B is lazy and untalented.

Worker A works as hard as possible to produce great results.

Worker B works as little as possible and produces horrible results.

They both belong to the same union.

Worker A and Worker B earn exactly the same salary. They get exactly the same benefits. And neither can be fired.

Question 1: How long do you think Worker A will continue to work his or her heart out when he or she can NEVER benefit more than someone who barely raises a finger?

Question 2: Who benefits under this system except for Worker B? Do his customers (or, discount cialis sickness more importantly, his students)? Do his managers? Does Worker A?

Question 3: Why do we continue to try to apply a system that failed so spectacularly in the U.S.S.R to teaching our own children in the U.S. of A?

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