Who is really more selfish?

In an opinion piece for the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, viagra canada cialis sale Michael King ranted that a young teacher was misguided for not wanting to be a member of his union:

“I was shocked at his reaction. When in the world did belonging to an organization that had the political power and economic clout to provide its members with a decent wage and benefit package become a bad thing?

I think Milton’s response represents a common attitude that I’ve seen in other young people. This generation seems determined to gamble its future on its ability to succeed as individuals, viagra rather than as members of a collective group.”

In an amazing inversion of logic, he lauds unions while accusing conservatives of being selfish:

“The inherent me-obsessed selfishness of the conservative/libertarian personal economic philosophy will ultimately be undone by factors beyond anyone’s control.”

I find this hillarious. His whole argument is based on the presumption that people are BETTER OFF if they join together in unions.

Which is more selfish, banding together to extort more money from your fellow citizens for your personal gain (whether you’ve earned it or not) or wanting to be judged by your own accomplishments and contributions…even though that means you personally might not benefit as much?

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