Who’s really being disingenous on the illegal immigrant issue?

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel‘s article attacking the GOP’s use of illegal immigration as an issue in the Wisconsin race for Governor says:

“With the Mexican border well more than 1, discount cialis diagnosis 000 miles away, online the emphasis on illegal immigration as a hot-button issue in Wisconsin might seem odd to some.”

Really? So illegal immigrants must all be staying right in those border states? They never…

…move to Milwaukee and march in the streets demanding that they be given the same rights as native born Americans and legal immigrants?

And certainly there isn’t a Democrat mayor there to greet them with “Buenas tardes.”

I suppose the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel just forgot their fawning coverage of the “Day Without Immigrants” rally in Milwaukee.

Or their story on the local Labor Day parade where advocates for illegal immigrants outnumbered representatives of organized labor?

Illegal immigration and its impact on Wisconsin is a legitimate issue. The Democrats and their cronies at the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel are uncomfortable with it because they are on the losing side.

Of course, help the Wisconsin governor doesn’t have to make policy about the border…but we do need policies to deal with the illegals who are already here.

The Journal Sentinel’s attempts to dismiss this issue as irrelevant is just as partisan and disingenous as they keep accusing Republicans of being on this issue.

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