Where do taxes come from?

It occured to me, best cialis health today, cialis usa that somewhere there are people sitting around a table dreaming up new ways to take our money.

Their criteria is to try to make new taxes (and tax increases) as invisible as possible so they can sneak them by us. At the very least, they want to convince us that the taxes won’t fall on us…they’ll fall on the rich, or on the smokers, or on the evil corporations.

The idea of actually conspiring to take money away from people is so foreign to me, I almost can’t grasp it.

In business, people sit in conference rooms and ask themselves, “how can we make our product a little more appealing to consumers so they’ll want to buy more and we won’t get fired?”

In government, people sit in conference rooms and ask themselves, “how can get take more of people’s money in a way where they won’t wise up and vote us out?”

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