When it comes to illegal music downloads, we don’t need AI we need IA.

A post by Ann Althouse about the continuing popularity of illegal downloads reminded me of a thought I had a long time ago:

We don’t need Artificial Intelligence as much as we need Intelligent Art.

Intelligent Art would mean producing each individual digital song, sildenafil thumb book, healing and movie as an actual program instead of a simple “dumb” file.

Each piece of art would be made “smart” enough to know whom it belonged to and whether the player it was on was associated with its owner. This would NOT be a form of Digital Rights Management software, buy viagra it would be more like the lock and key approach taken by high-end encryption programs.

Art that was smart enough to only play for its owner (but would play for its owner on an unlimited number of devices for an unlimited time) would be an excellent solution for accommodating intellectual property and end user’s rights in a digital age.

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