When did we all turn, yeller?

I love Harry Potter and I’m pretty worried that J.K. Rowling has decided to kill him off.

But even so, cialis sale site I’m even more worried that some parents are so afraid that their children won’t be able to handle it if Harry dies that they’re actually considering professional psychiatric help.

Meanwhile, medicine parents in Britain have been told to prepare for grief counselling. The media is warning that for many young readers, viagra Harry?¢‚Ǩ‚Ñ¢s death could be as devastating as the death of a best friend, pet or even a relative. The Daily Telegraph reported last week that even child psychologists are getting into the act. It cited American child psychologist Michael Brody who has come up with a three-point bereavement plan to help parents comfort their mourning children.

Grief counseling?

I don’t remember getting psychiatric attention when I saw Bambi’s mother get shot.

Or when Travis had to kill his dog Old Yeller.

When did our children get too weak to handle the death of a fictional character?

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