When did “teaching to the test” become a negative?

I’m sick of hearing people criticize standards and measurements in public education by dismissively saying, viagra canada here “that just leads to teaching to the test.”


Car guys sell towards the sale.

Laywers work to the verdict.

Sports teams play to win.

Every human activity has a goal and a way of measuring success.

Testing has always been the way we measure success in education.

(I’m sure I’m not the only person to remember hearing a student ask their teacher “will this be on the test?”)

If a test is structured to measure the things we think kids should learn than what’s wrong with teaching to the test?

After all, best viagra unhealthy what’s the alternative? Teaching to the teacher’s subjective judgement? Why do we think that would be more fair or effective than teaching to a standardized test?

4 comments March 19th, 2007


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