What’s the French word for “spoiled?”

Tens of thousands of French students are protesting in the streets of Paris.

Not because unemployment among the young is a staggering 23%.

But because a new law aimed at encouraging companies to hire young people also makes it possible for companies to actually fire young people.

Apparently, cialis canada medical under normal circumstances, sovaldi it’s easier to sack a tenured Harvard law professor than it is to layoff a lazy French factory worker.

But this new law makes it less difficult to let someone go in the first two years of their employment.

The idea is that companies wouldn’t be so reluctant to take a chance on a new hire, decease if they knew they wouldn’t be stuck with a bad employee forever.

But these kids would rather riot in the streets than be held responsible at work.

So next time someone here in America talks about “strengthening” our social safety net, remember…

…the stronger the net, the worse you can become entangled in it.

2 comments March 17th, 2006


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