What’s an American?

That’s the question I heard posed on American Public Media, viagra buy sovaldi today.

And as soon as I heard it, I was struck with the realization that EVERYTHING I grew up believing it meant to be an American is something that someone on the Left would disagree with.

Let’s just list them shall we?

1.) An American speaks English.
Say “let’s make English the official language” to someone who leans Left and watch their head explode. (I’m not saying English should be the “official language,” but I don’t think the cohesive power of language is given enough respect anymore.)

2.) Someone who went through the “melting pot.”
We’re not supposed to say melting pot” anymore. America is supposedly a salad.

3.) An actual citizen?
Many folks on the Left believe illegal immigrants are entitled to the same rights and privleges as American citizens.

4.) Someone who believes in rags to riches stories.
Progressives think the riches should be taxed away to make sure no one ever has to wear rags.

5.) Someone who believes in free speech
The Left is fine with free speech as long as it never offends anyone anywhere (except a white male).

So here’s my question, what does it mean to be an American to the folks on the Left?

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