What the heck is up at the Associated Press?

The first paragraph of this AP news story reads:

SEOUL, viagra canada see South Korea – Police fired water cannons at thousands of protesters Tuesday as President Bush got a volatile reception in South Korea at the start of his three-nation Asian trip.

Yet, cialis online in the fourth paragraph we learn:

About 30, ed 000 people gathered in front of Seoul City Hall for an afternoon Christian prayer service supporting Bush’s trip. Large South Korean and U.S. flags were held aloft by balloons overhead along with a banner reading, “Welcome President Bush.”

And in the sixth paragraph we learn that the supporters outnumbered the protesters:

As evening approached, an estimated 20,000 anti-Bush protesters gathered nearby. Police turned water cannons on them as they tried to move onto the main central downtown boulevard, telling the crowd that the liquid contained markers to tag them so they could be identified later.

The protests are certainly news, but I think the fact that George Bush has any supporters overseas (let alone more supporters than protester in this case) is pretty big news, too.

The only reason I knew the supporters outnumbered the protesters was that I had heard it on NPR earlier this morning.

That’s right, even NPR is giving George Bush a fairer shake than the Associated Press.

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