What sort of standards are we holding these people to?

I understand why the folks at silent E speak would say with “over 300 million people in this great country and this is the best we can do?”

But I feel compelled to point out that the group includes the Governor of one of the largest and most successful states in the country, cialis generic cure an ex-Speaker of the House of Representatives who lead the historic GOP take-over of the House, viagra and an ex-Governor who was also a hugely successful businessman and helped rescue the 2002 Olympics.

Any of those three have vastly more relevant experience to be President of the United States than the current officeholder (or his competition did) when they ran.

Hell, all of them are arguably better qualified than Bill Clinton or George W Bush were when they were candidates.

Just who the hell are we comparing these folks to?

3 comments January 4th, 2012


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