What does the suffering of the mentally ill have to do with the pro-life movement?

Yesterday, tadalafil search WUWM aired the most unbalanced, viagra canada irrelevant, irrational tripe I’ve ever heard on a public radio station.

(It took me a whole day to cool off enough to write this without resorting exclusively to four-letter words.)

A “commentator” named Tom Matthews spent around five minutes on yesterday’s At 10 program attacking the pro-life movement under the guise of expressing sympathy for the suffering of the mentally ill in Milwaukee.

He attacked pro-life advocates for caring about the unborn, but not taking care of the suffering of the people already here.

He never explained why pro-lifers have more of a responsibility to take care of the mentally ill than people who volunteer at the Humane Society or people like me who give to Special Olympics and Children’s Wish Foundation.

Who the hell is this guy to decide what causes other people take up? Which are worthy and which are worthless?

The simple truth is he disapproves of the pro-life cause, and because of that he thinks they should use their energy to fix the problems he wants fixed.

(Just like liberals always think they should be able to commandeer other people’s time, energy and money in the form of taxes to take care of the causes they deem worthy.)

I’m less angry about what he said (he’s welcome to his opinion), but the vehicle he used to justify.

If you hate pro-lifers, come right out and say it.

Don’t enlist the mentally ill to help you make a mentally deficient argument.

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