What do moms and religion have in common?

In a post criticizing James Cameron‘s claim to have found Christ’s tomb, viagra canada viagra Milwaukee blogger and radio personality, sales James Harris wrote:

“Upon reading Cameron‚Äôs tripe I immediately thought of Rob Bell and his book Velvet Elvis. Bell asks the question: ‚ÄúWhat if the life of Christ turned out to be a hoax; would it ruin your faith?‚Äù

It‚Äôs a good question to ponder, recipe but someone telling me Jesus is a hoax is like someone telling me that my mom isn’t real. It‚Äôs more than a little difficult to take seriously.”

At the risk of incurring the wrath of James Harris, a man I have great respect for, I need to point out that every day people discover that the women they think of as their mothers aren’t their “real” moms.

In fact, I think religions are adopted by believers in much the same way that women adopt children. Some people adopt Christianity, some Islam, some Hinduism, some Wicca. But the fact that they adopt a particular religion makes it no more the “truth” than a woman adopting a child makes her that child’s creator.

(Please don’t leave a comment telling me that adopted moms are just as real as birth mothers. Yes, moms who adopt are worthy of all the same respect accorded a birth mother, but they are not a child’s “real” mother in the same sense as the woman who conceived them. Also, this post should not be construed as implying that James Harris was adopted. Although, I’m sure plenty of people would have been happy to do so. He’s as cute as the dickens.)

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