This story almost makes me think Rick Perry…

September 15th, 2011

…suckered his opponents into attacking him about the HPV Vaccine:

Until you’ve seen a special photograph, best viagra recipe Craig Wilson says you don’t know the whole story of Rick Perry’s HPV vaccine decision.

“She’s happy as hell. I mean, viagra sale pharm she is just unbelievably ecstatic,” Wilson said. “Here she is on a beautiful ranch somewhere, riding on a motorcycle, which she’s never really done, with the governor of the state of Texas.”

The guy driving the motorcycle is Governor Rick Perry. The young woman on the back is Houstonian Heather Burcham, who was at that moment just 31 years old and a few months away from dying of cervical cancer.

Heather said in an interview prior to her death, “I feel like I’m not going in vain, because I can tell others about it.”

When Heather was diagnosed, she set out to tell the world about her illness and the vaccine that would’ve prevented it. Her fear was that her pain and her death would mean nothing.

She said, “I kept thinking, ‘What good can come from this?'”

After Governor Perry got in Texas trouble for signing an executive order in 2007 mandating the HPV vaccine, Heather tried to convince lawmakers to let it stand, and in the process met Governor Perry. But more than a meeting, it sparked a friendship.

Long after the order was rescinded and Perry lost the political fight, they kept talking. Heather had Perry’s personal cell phone number and he invited her for a day at a friend’s ranch.

Wilson, a friend of Heather’s, recalled, “It was a great day, one of the great days of her life. She loved the whole thing.”

Months later, when the end was near for Heather, Perry quietly snuck into Houston and sat by her bedside. No press, no statement — just the governor and one of his 21 million constituents.

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  • 1. Dan  |  September 17th, 2011 at 1:21 am

    And this is what scares me about Perry. Conservatives rip on Obama for his executive orders and yet Perry did the same thign with this issue.
    Further, while this lady survived, othe rkids have died because of allergic reactions.
    There should have been a debate with the legislators in Texas, instead of Perry saying “I know better than you.”

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