This is a liberal show?

August 13th, 2012

I’ve been watching The Wire on HBO on demand and I have two things to say:

1.) Because of all the love this show got on NPR (Fresh Air in particular), cialis usa and I had always assumed The Wire was a liberal show on par with The West Wing. Plus, sildenafil I knew the writers of the show have said it was an indictment of capitalism and an argument to legalize drugs (which is a typically more liberal position).

But now that I’m half-way through the second season, I have to say I see nothing here for a liberal to be proud of.

In a city completely run by Democrats, the politicians are corrupt, and the unions that support the politicians are corrupt. Basically, government is a completely failure. I could understand if The Wire was written by anti-government libertarians, but it sure doesn’t make the Democrats seem anymore appealing to me…at least so far.

2.) If I hear one more character say, “yo,” I’m gonna pop a cap in someone’s ass.

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