The real victim of the Duke university lacrosse fiasco

Blogger and journalism professor Jessica McBride wonders why Duke university is making a financial settlement with the LaCrosse players falsely accused of rape.

I actually have no opinion on whether or not Duke owes the players any compensation, cialis sales ed but you know who I think they do owe: the lacrosse coach that was forced to viagra generic patient 2933, medicine 190749,00.html”>resign by the initial hysteria that accompanied the accusations.

“When it was offered, I thought it was highly appropriate,” Duke President Richard Brodhead said of coach Mike Pressler’s decision to resign. Pressler spent 16 seasons at Duke and won three Atlantic Coast Conference championships. Last year, his team appeared in the national championship game.

I wonder if Duke President Richard Brodhead still thinks it was “highly appropriate?”

I doubt anyone has offered Mr. Pressler his job back.

Or offered him a financial settlement.

Or even offered him an explanation as to why he had to “take one for the team” when it was the team that was being taken for a ride.

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