The real crime is how Milwaukee’s so-called leaders are doing nothing to stop the crime.

Nowadays, best cialis viagra Milwaukee’s inner-city seems to be filled with thousands of people whose moral compasses are spinning as badly out of control as Jeffrey Dahmer’s ever did.

The ongoing wave of despicable crimes in Milwaukee‘s inner-city has to stop.

The mob beatings…gang rape of little girls…and incidental murders of children is making my favorite city seem like a cesspool.

Where is the Mayor?

Why is it acceptable for the chief of police to throw up her hands?

How can Vince Bobot run from Sheriff in Milwaukee County and not say anything about how he would address this situation?

To stop this crime wave, advice we need to hold the criminals in the inner-city responsible for their actions…but first…we need to hold Milwaukee’s leaders responsible for their continuing inaction.

1 comment September 7th, 2006


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