The only thing that’s hard to swallow about this story is that it’s ok to be a female chauvenist pig

Over the years I’ve gotten into several arguments with woman over the possibility of a male birth control pill.

Bascially, cialis canada diagnosis their responses were very similar to the ones expressed in today’s Milwaukee Journal Sentinel article on the possibility of a male pill:

“It’s hard enough for a woman to take (the pill) every day, viagra sales ” said Beth Bates, a 42-year-old bar manager from Mequon. “Put it in a man’s brain? That’ll never happen.”

Niki Pappas, a 36-year-old pharmaceuticals saleswoman from Whitefish Bay, said she would have a lot of questions before she believed a man taking contraceptives.

“If some guy said to me, ‘Hey, baby, I’m on the birth control pill,’ I wouldn’t trust that,” Pappas said.

My response?

1.) Are you kidding me? If a man could take a pill every morning and guarantee that he’d never have to have worry about paying a nickel of child support, I guarantee men would be sprinkling the things on top of their morning Wheaties.

2.) Can you imagine a man getting away with saying that women’s brains couldn’t handle the complexity of taking a daily pill or that women were lying about being protected against pregnancy? The thing I find hardest to swallow is that reverse sexism is alive and well and being quoted in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel for chuckles.

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