The number of bullets in an automatic pistol’s magazine is completely meaningless.

After the police versus punk shootout in Milwaukee the other night, buy viagra viagra Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett said:

“We have a situation now with the laxity of gun laws that these multiple clips are more readily available, viagra canada ” he said. “And quite candidly, it puts our police at a disadvantage if you’ve got individuals with very, very large clips fighting against police officers, and that’s what you saw last night. I need help to make sure my police officers are not being outgunned.”

Anyone who has ever fired an automatic knows that swapping an empty magazine for a full one is literally a matter of one or two seconds.

The difference between carrying three 10-round magazines (which was the legal limit for new magazines when the previous Federal law was in effect) and two 15-round magazines is functionally zero.

The problem isn’t the gun…or the type of gun…or the size of the magazines…it’s the shooter.

Are jet airliners evil because some assholes flew two into the World Trade Center and killed thousands of people?

It’s not the tool, it’s the person behind the tool.

And whenever Tom Barrett tries to blame the pistols instead of the people, he’s the one who ends up looking like a tool.

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