The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel’s “Hold Your Nose” editorial really stinks.

As usual, best cialis doctor the editorial board of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel has their collective heads up their collective asses.

In another snide pro-illegal immigrant editorial, sovaldi sale the board made a couple of their trademark disingenious statements.

Their first complaint is that the proposed Immigration “reform” bill has the temerity to acknowledge that English is the national language of the United States:

Declaring English the “national language” and building 370 miles of fence along the U.S.-Mexico border, case for instance, are to meaningful immigration reform what Spackle is to home-building. Both examples appeal to immigration hard-liners but are, in fact, needless affronts to an ally, Mexico…

Why is declaring English our “national language” an affront to Mexico?

Spanish is the official national language of Mexico. Should I be affonted?

The editorial goes on to say:

OK, but making felons of people whose only “crime” is wanting a better life and performing jobs that U.S. employers woo them here to do is overkill.

Wanting a better life is not a crime.

Entering the United States ILLEGALLY is.


At least do me the courtesy of acknowledging that fact, before trying to convince me it’s no big deal.

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