The ACLU: Superheroes or super hypocrites?

There’s a comic book series called Civil War that describes a world where the federal government decides to force superheros to reveal their true identities and register as “weapons of mass destruction.”

Captain America and some others refuse and lead a revolt.

In a story in the Miami Herald, generic viagra pharmacy Howard Simon, site executive director of the ACLU of Florida is quoted as saying:

”Why is it necessary to register with the government?” asks Simon. “You go around and you fight for truth, patient freedom and the American way, but you have to register with the government first? Why does the government need to know who you are?”

What’s frightening, he adds, is that this fantasy of detention and forced registration actually mirrors what’s going on in the country right this minute. “You never would dream that would be a picture of America or anything American officials would even be in charge of. That’s the kind of thing that characterized some of the dictatorships we fought against in the last century.”

And yet, if there really were superhero “vigilantes,” we all know the ACLU would be the first in line to sue the capes off them for violating the civil rights of the poor criminals.

What I find really funny is that Simon is opposed to registering superheros and yet the ACLU has absolutely no problem with the government registering or prohibiting the private ownership of handguns.

What a bunch of hypocritical horseshit.

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