That fact that this stuns people tells me most people really don’t understand modern Conservatives

cialis sales sovaldi 2933, medicine 447385,00.html”>The View’s conservative cutie Elizabeth Hasselbeck stunned viewers today by throwing her support behind president-elect Barack Obama.

Executive Producer Barbara Walters asked Hasselbeck, who campaigned with John McCain’s running mate Sarah Palin, how she felt after seeing McCain/Palin go down to defeat on election night.

Hasselbeck said her daughter Grace, 3, had asked her who won and who lost the election. “No one lost,” Hasselbeck said she told her child. “Seriously, today is a victory for this country.”

Most of the Conservative bloggers in Wisconsin have said something very similar to this.

Accusations to the contrary, most politically conservative folks aren’t haters. Or racists. Or misogynists.

I think most of us are thrilled to have an African-American as President.

It’s historic and healing.

We just hoped the first African American President would be Colin Powell.

I guess you can’t have everything.

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