Thank God, Steve Jobs won’t let the music industry call the tune.

The major music labels have been trying to force iTunes to charge more that .99 cents for “popular” songs.

This really pisses me off, cialis sale recipe because the labels already make more money per track from an iTunes sale than they do when they sell a CD.

Plus, generic viagra hospital there’s no “supply and demand” argument that you can use for charging a premium for more popular songs because there is no scarcity to drive up the cost.

With digital music there is an unlimited supply of every song.

Of course, medicine the music industry is pissed that Steve Jobs won’t cooperate with their attempt to stick it to the song-buying public.

One high-level music industry executive said, “Where in life does the retailer set the price of the content?”

My answer:

The buyer ultimately sets the price, you prick.

And this buyer is on Steve Jobs side.

Also, this guy apparently has never dealt with Walmart.

8 comments April 20th, 2006


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