Support public transportation on the back of private transportation? Huh?

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel wants to pay for the transist system in Milwaukee by using the sales tax generated by the sale of private automobiles.

This is typical liberal thinking.

They don’t like private transportation (although almost all of them use it themselves – usually Volvos) and they figure taxing the thing they don’t like will discourage people from using it.

Let’s say they are successful. The MORE they get people to switch from private vehicles to public transportation the LESS money there will be to finance it.


But that isn’t what will happen. What will happen is that as people continue to “vote” for private transportation over public transportation by buying their own vehicles, cialis sales levitra more and more money will flow into a system that is being paid for by the people who DON’T USE IT!

Brilliant solution…as usual.

6 comments June 7th, 2006


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