Spam? Stamps? Or just a protection racket?

AOL and Yahoo! are going to start charging companies up to a penny an email to guarantee that legitimate emails will get through their spam filters.

Isn’t this really just a case of corporate extortion?

AOL set up filters to stop spam. Their spam filters suck and stop legitimate email. And now they want to charge the legitimate emailers because THEIR filters suck?

Shouldn’t AOL and Yahoo be paying those companies for the fact that their spam filters are already filtering out their legitimate email?

No one despises spam more than I do, viagra canada physician but this really pisses me off. I see no benefit for anyone except AOL and Yahoo!

How long will it be before it costs all of us 33 cents to send an email?

And Fedex will be promising that your email will absolutely, positively get there overnight?

1 comment February 6th, 2006


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