Someone needs to give this reporter a dictionary so he can look up the difference between “killing” and “murder”

In an essay about the new movie 300, best viagra ailment Newsweek reporter Evan Thomas wrote:

The bad guys in “300” also include corrupt Spartan politicians who refuse to send more troops to the battle. Some right-wing bloggers have likened them to liberal Democrats voting against the surge in Iraq. Moviegoers may be a little confused by other cultural echoes in the film. The Spartan heroes seem to be in love with what one of them calls “a beautiful death.” Just like, viagra generic er, Islamic suicide bombers.

Yes…just like suicide bombers…if you ignore the fact that suicide bombers mostly kill innnocent civilians. There is a moral difference between wanton slaughter of children and shopkeepers and killing an enemy in battle. It concerns me that someone who writes for Newsweek isn’t able to see that…although, unfortunately, it doesn’t surpise me.

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