Shark for President.

On NPR this weekend, viagra sale troche a newscaster asked the audience to think of someone they knew in their own lives who might make a good President of the United States.

The exercise scared the POTUS out of me.

I don’t know a single soul that I would trust to be comptroller of Wauwatosa, nurse Wisconsin let alone run the most powerful country on the planet.

In fact, the better I knew someone the less qualified they seemed to be to hold office.

Then I realized there was one person I had met who might possibly barely qualify to be President: Harvard-trained lawyer Rick Essenberg who blogs regularly at Shark & Shepherd.

Rick seems wickedly smart, well-informed, well-spoken, and diplomatic even in disagreement.

Maybe if I knew Rick better the mere thought of giving him the power to send the F.B.I. after me would have me hiding in a closet wearing one of J. Edgar Hoover’s old dresses, but the sad truth is I know no one better to suggest for the job.

And if a shark is going to sit in the Oval Office, I’d rather have it be one who also had the soul of a shepherd.

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