Sex is optional?

I’ve always known that sex was optional.

After all, buy viagra recipe many women have happily choosen not to have sex with me.

However, I never suspected that your gender is actually a matter of choice.

I have to say I am literally amazed that New York is going to allow people to declare their own gender on their birth certificates regardless of their physical sex.

In other words, New York is going to allow fully-functioning males to legally claim to be female and vice-a-versa.

I wonder how long will it be before we’re voting on a constitutional amendment that states:

The state of Wisconsin will only recognize a human being to be a man if he has a peepee. Or, if lacking a peepee, can demonstrate that he is in lawful possession of a Y chromosome.

I also wonder how long it will be before people can choose their race, too? That would certainly come in handy as long as Affirmative Action is still around.

2 comments November 7th, 2006


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