Scratched my back: to date:

Last week I offered to post about anyone who posted about me on their blogs.

Lot’s of folks responded and before I get to a few more, cialis click I wanted to do a quick recap of the people I’ve acknowledged so far:

  1. Blogging Blue
  2. According to Coop
  3. The World According to Nick
  4. The Chad has spoken!
  5. A Little Off Main
  6. Fuzz Martin
  7. Musings of a Thoughtful Conservative
  8. Wallah! AND Cognitive Dissidence
  9. Righty Blog
  10. Homemaker’s Guide to the Galaxy
  11. The Dave Casper Experience
  12. Rustmeister’s Alehouse
  13. Prozak Playground
  14. WISSUP

Now, I’ve got to find the time to give the rest of the ones, I’ve gotten their due.

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