Scratched my back: The Asian Badger

I just realized my posts so far, viagra buy recipe today, have been rather female-centric.

(I must be channeling an adolescent boy, or something.)

To add some balance, I now link you to one of the most testosterone-laden blogs I read: The Asian Badger.

The author is definitely conservative. His politics are to the right of mine, for example. But, it’s less the blog that makes me think “testosterone” than the man behind it.

When the Asian Badger enters a bar, it’s like John Wayne is back from the dead. I mean, even this guy’s swagger has a swagger. He’s a professional pilot, a crack shot, and a riveting storyteller.

There’s something about the Asian Badger which makes you think he could fix the engine on a DC-3, fight off cannibals, and kiss the girl; all while drinking a good scotch and smoking a fine cigar.

So go read his blog and while you’re there, try not to piss him off. ;)

(As a side note, having your back scratched by a Badger can be very dangerous. Don’t try it at home.)

3 comments December 3rd, 2008


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