Reparations? An idea so bad it can’t be repaired.

Apparently the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel thinks the idea of paying blacks in America reparations for slavery is gaining popularity.

Not with me it isn’t.

  1. People should only be held responsible for their own actions…not the actions of their great, cialis buy viagra great grandparents. (Oddly enough many of the folks who champion reparations don’t believe in holding hardly anyone responsible for their own actions, buy cialis stuff today. Ahh, irony, sweet irony.)
  2. Who pays and who gets paid? My family didn’t arrive in America until the 1930s. Do I pay? What about the son of black immigrants who arrived in the 40s. Does he get money?
  3. Where does it stop? Do we pay reparations to the native Americans? Do the Anglo-Saxons pay to the Celts? Should the descendents of the tribes in Africa who aided the slave trade pay?
  4. What is a clean conscience worth? $100 each? $100,000 each? How do you put a price on the human suffering caused by slavery?
  5. Does affirmative action save us a few bucks on the bill?

I’ll tell you what, if people will drop the idea of trying to get me to pay reparations for the horror that was slavery, I won’t send them the bill for the pain and suffering the Union endured ending slavery in the Civil War.

Personally, I think America paid enough at Bull Run, Antietam, and Gettysburg.

Asking for a few bucks on top of that seems a tad ungrateful.

2 comments July 9th, 2006


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