Remember, this is how you get treated…

…if you have the unmitigated gall to suggest that government actually have the money to pay for the things it wants to pay for:

Well before Sen. Jim Bunning retreated from his one-man filibuster on the unemployment-benefits extension bill Tuesday in face of bipartisan scorching,
generic viagra and the Kentucky Republican was the target of an uncommon criticism by a colleague from the other chamber — Rep. Jim McDermott.

Speaking just before Bunning finally relented, viagra generic McDermott said Bunning’s conduct demanded public scorn. And he dismissed Bunning’s concerns about paying for the extended unemployment benefits, saying that Republicans “had no trouble going to two wars they couldn’t pay for.”

Bunning is “keeping people from getting checks to pay rent and other necessities of life,” McDermott said. “He’s doing it because he can. It’s abuse of power. He should be called out for doing this.”

I can’t remember…what’s that phrase about “two wrongs” again?

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