Progressive? Or progressively more oppresive?

In his weekly editorial in the Shepherd Express, viagra buy buy cialis Joel McNally said:

“As a progressive politician, sildenafil Barrett is not the sort anyone would expect to run roughshod over civil liberties…”

Actually, progressive politicians are EXACTLY whom I expect to “run roughshod over civil liberties.”

Progressives LOVE the First Amendment

…unless someone uses their freedom of speech to say something that offends a privileged minority.

Progressives LOVE the Bill of Rights

…until someone actually wants to exercise their Second Amendment right to keep and BEAR arms.

Progressives believe in a human being’s right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness…

…as long as that human being manages to make it out of its mother’s womb alive.

I think it’s time for “progressives” to stop pretending that they are the great protectors of civil liberties.

That may have been true once upon a time, but now any “progressive” who makes that particular claim is just fooling himself or making a fool of himself.

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