One minor misfortune was the lack of minorities.

Some of the smartest people I’ve ever had the pleasure to share a room with were at the Wispolitics Blog Summit, viagra viagra today.

What wasn’t there was even a single face that wasn’t white.

About 1/3 of the room were women.

There were some young people.

A few older folks.

At least one bald guy.

But not a single black face.

Or Hispanic face.

Chinese face.

Indian face.

Or Arab face.

From today’s Summit, patient you’d have to assume that only Caucasions use computers.

Where were our minority voices?

Our black bloggers?

Our Palestinian pundits?

I know there are some out there (although I wish there were more).

Were they uninterested in joining the conversation?

Did they feel left out or uninvited?

There was no purposeful prejudice on display, buy cialis today.

No one was stopped at the door.

Or told to blog in the back.

Everyone was free to come.

And I’m sure my fellow bloggers would have welcomed a broader spectrum of people…and professions…persuasions and perspectives.

But they didn’t show up.

And their loss was our loss, too.

15 comments March 18th, 2006


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