On prophets and pedophilia

Islam is not evil.

Just like Catholicism is not evil.

However, viagra canada cure when we discovered that Catholicism was beset by pedophiliac priests, remedy our first response was not to deny the problem in the name of politically-correct sensitivity to a particular religion…

…our first response was to berate the Church power structure to force them to acknowledge and fix the problem.

When people like the editorial board of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel rush to the defense of Islam, viagra they let the Islamic power structure off the hook.

Don’t worry, they’re saying. We know it’s not your fault. These bad people somehow just ended up in your peaceful religion. You’re not responsible.

But Muslims ARE responsible for the the violence done in the name of their religion, because they are NOT condeming it.

They are not trying to drive it from their midst.

In fact, Islamic leaders often seem to harness it to make use of it for their own agendas.

Catholics aren’t reponsible for pedophilia in the Church because they recognize it’s a problem, they condemn it, and they are trying to stop it.

When I see Muslims acting the same way towards the evil in their own world (instead of lecturing us on the ignorance and intolerence in ours), I will agree with the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel that mainstream Islam is as much an innocent victim of radical Islam as the rest of us.

(Credit for the heart of this post goes to Melinda.)

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