Nowadays, if your kids are “playing Doctor,” you might end up paying a lawyer

I don’t know the details of this case where a 14-year-old is being charged with sexual assault for grabbing one girl’s butt and unhooking another girl’s bra in class when he was 13 , discount cialis viagra but I do know we’ve become way too intolerant of anything that has a sexual component when it comes to children and adolescents.

At 13, ampoule kids are trying to figure out what sex is.

Young kids are physical. After all, click there’s a reason why coaches invented the phrase “stop playing grab-ass.” And kids have been playing “doctor” since before there were doctors.

Of course, serious crimes should be pursued and prosecuted, but punishing normal curiosity is at best perverse and, at worst, counterproductive.

6 comments December 8th, 2008


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