Now, THIS is a proposal

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel tells the story of how my friend Michael Caughill asked his beautiful wife to marry him:

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For months before we got engaged, buy cialis medicine whenever I would say anything about our future together my girlfriend would ask, “Is that a proposal?”

On July 20, 2001, the second anniversary of our first date, my girlfriend, Melinda Ormdahl, and I were taking a scuba lesson in Lake Nagawicka.

I enlisted our diving instructor to plant a small treasure chest containing the engagement ring and a bunch of costume jewelry at the base of the dive flag.

At the end of the lesson, he sent us down to retrieve the flag’s anchor.

My girlfriend spotted the treasure chest and immediately opened it 30 feet underwater. I panicked when I realized what she was doing. I was terrified the ring would be lost in the muck at the bottom of the lake. I grabbed the chest from her hand and headed for the surface.

All the way up, she kept trying to get the chest back. When we hit the surface, I frantically searched the chest for the ring. Finally, finding it, I held it up and said to my future wife, “THIS is a proposal.”

I asked her, “Will you marry me?”

She yelled, “no” so loudly people on the beach 300 yards away looked up.

Then she smiled and said, “Of course, I will. Yes! Yes! Yes!”

And you might like to know that the diving instructor who helped me plant the ring ended up being the minister who married us a year later in Door County.

– Michael Caughill, Wauwatosa

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