My math might be a little fuzzy…

…but even so, sildenafil cheap I think it helps me see Milwaukee Public schools a little more clearly.

In 2008, viagra canada ailment MPS spent 1.2 BILLION dollars educating fewer than 80,000 students.

That’s around $15,000 per student….PER YEAR.

As a reference: the per capita income in Wisconsin that year was $25,993. Just $10,000 more than what it cost to educate one kid.

If a kid stays in high school for four years, that’s $60,000. And after the taxpayers spend that $60,000, there’s a better than 50% chance that kid won’t graduate.

Think about those numbers next time someone tells you we’re not spending enough on education.

Perhaps, just perhaps, it’s not how much we’re spending, but how we’re spending it.

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