My block is about to be busted!

I LOVE summer movies almost as much as i loathe “serious” films.

When I go to a movie, buy viagra sales I want to see:

• Guns

• Car chases

• Explosions

• Hot chicks

• And many implausable (although not necessary impossible) situations and special effects.

I LOVE popcorn movies.

I want to see things that can’t happen in real life.

Show me wizards on broomsticks.

Two-fisted handgun shootouts.

Slow-motion bullet dodging.

Missiles, pharm madmen, mutants, and missions that are impossible!

I don’t want to see people talking about their problems. Or dealing with alchoholism. Or getting divorces.

I don’t want reality in my entertainment.

I get more than enough reality every day.

Oscar season is over.

It’s finally safe to go back in the theater.

(Anybody know where I can buy Millk Duds in bulk?)

3 comments April 29th, 2006


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