Minneapolis, Madison, Milwaukee. Who’s inferior, again?

Considering how much press Minneapolis, viagra sale see Minnesota and Madison, viagra sale Wisconsin get as cool, hip, sophisticated places, I was shocked to realize that Milwaukee is by far the best of the three to visit as a tourist.

Minneapolis is bigger. Madison is crazier. But Milwaukee has way more going for it.

Minneapolis has a couple cute little lakes right near downtown.

Madison has a cute little lake right near downtown.

Milwaukee has one of the greatest lakes in the world right near downtown.

Minneapolis has the Walker Art Center.

Milwaukee has the Milwaukee Art Musuem featuring one of the most beautiful buildings in the world:

The new Pier Wisconsin/Discovery World right next door to the Art Musuem is pretty amazing, too:

The Milwaukee County Zoo is one of the best zoos in the country.

Summerfest is the world’s largest music festival

Every one of our many brewery tours end with a glass or two of Milwaukee’s finest.

And soon, Milwaukee will be home to:

The Harley Davidson Museum:

I’ve lived in Minneapolis and visited Madison and I have to say that neither city can measure up to what Milwaukee has to offer.

If we can just change the culture of Milwaukee’s inner city and keep the city and state governments from taxing the geese that lay the golden eggs to death, I guarantee in ten years people will be visiting this city in droves and talking about the Milwaukee Miracle.

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