Minimum wage or maximum stupidity?

Last night’s Democratic debate on CNN featured questions submitted by regular people via youtube. One of the questions (embedded below) was whether the politicians would be willing to work as President for three years at the minimum wage.

To me, cialis sales unhealthy this displays a shocking misunderstanding of economics.

The minimum wage isn’t some sort of punishment. People are paid the minimum wage when they do jobs that almost anybody could do. It does not take a graduate degree to stack boxes or work at a checkout. (Hell, sildenafil stuff you don’t even need to know how to make change anymore. The machine does it for you.) Because nearly anyone can fill a minimum-wage position, the person doing that job has no leverage to ask for more money.

All evidence to the contrary, being President of the United States is not something that anyone who can bag groceries could pull off.

Maybe some people would be happy with a President who was only worth the minimum wage, but personally I don’t want fries with my executive orders.

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