McCain and the crisis

I’ve read a lot of opinions, cialis buy buy cialis today, tadalafil search about the political wisdom of John McCain going to Washington to participate in dealing with the current financial crisis.

Was it a smart move for his campaign?

Did it backfire?

Did Obama “play” it better?

But maybe everyone is wrong.

Maybe John McCain didn’t return to Washington to try to gain a political advantage.

Maybe he went to Washington just because he thought it was his duty to go.

I think, for most of us, it’s easy to underestimate the importance of duty to a man like John McCain.

Most of us didn’t grow up in a military family with an Admiral for a father.

Most of us didn’t go to a military academy for college.

Most of us have never lived by a code of honor.

Most of us haven’t killed another human being because it was our duty.

We haven’t been beaten nearly to death because it was our duty.

We haven’t refused the opportunity to escape prison because it was our duty.

Maybe, John McCain’s decision to go to Washington this week to do his duty as a sitting U.S. Senator wasn’t a particularly good political move.

And maybe it will hurt him in the end.

But if it does, it won’t be the first time that John McCain did his duty without regard to his personal well being.

And I’m guessing it won’t be the last.

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